This page contains quick links to resources, tips & tricks, documentation and anything helpful for Universal Windows Platform development (UWP) and legacy WP/WinRT. If you have anything you’d like me to post here, find me on Twitter™ @lancewmccarthy.

Windows 10 UWP Resources

Here are my highly recommended resources for building Windows Universal apps:

Visual Studio tooling and SDKs

Official development, design and publishing UWP docs

Amazing online Microsoft Virtual Academy courses for UWP

The best place to find official and community Windows 10 related videos, sample project and tutorials




  • If you are a student,  join DreamSpark
  • If you are a small business, join Bizspark and if you are registering with DevCenter as an enterprise, familiarize yourself with this.

API List (you know, for app ideas)

Here is a list of APIs to help give you app ideas

Legacy Resources (WP8 + Win8)

If you are new to Windows Phone development

Build 2013 & 2014 Windows Phone sessions

This link will bring you to my blog post with all the Build 2014 Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 related videos.

Here are the Build 2013 Videos for Windows Phone 8.0:


Key Developer Scenarios

Best Practices

Miscellaneous resources

Here is the beginning of the miscellaneous resources list to get you started, more links under the “more links”section towards the bottom of the page.


Getting Started Links


more links…

This is the Michael Crump section.

Windows 8 related material but also applies to Windows Phone

Windows 8 Stuff you may find useful

Windows Phone and Netduino/Gadgeteer/Arduino/ fun

General topic articles about mobile app development

How to succeed with your mobile app

How to write portable code (Portable Class Libraries aka PCLs)