Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This

Microsoft has just launched a new Windows Phone app builder website, Windows Phone App Studio. You can now build a great looking app in no time and earn a free phone from me in the process. You don’t need to be a great programmer, but if you are… you get the source code for the app when you’re done with the template! No other app builder does that for you.

Just a few easy steps to make your first Windows Phone app AND you get to unlock your phone in the process.

Pick one of 12 templates that best fit your idea. From fitness and sports to inventory and business store fronts.

Final Step 1 image

Add some title and description info

Final Step 2 image

Now add the content. Get it from a rss stream or add it directly with an easy to use interface.

Final Step 3 image

I am adding some of the items I regularly give away to the developer in my region…

Final step 4 image

Style the UI with easy to use color selectors

Final Step 5 image

Final summary and app generation and you’re almost done..

Final Step 6 image

Now just generate the app files, you’ll get a XAP file that you can now side load on your phone or you can download the source code and compile it yourself (recommended).

Now that you have an easy way to get your first app done, there’s no excuse I shouldn’t be putting your mailing address on a new phone 🙂

Developer Summit Awesomeness

I just returned from the 2013 AT&T Developer Summit in Las Vegas, and boy can I say it was a good one! Approximately 50% of mobile apps submitted to the hackathon were Windows Phone apps and the #1 winner of it all was a… you guessed it, a Windows Phone app! The winner, Ruggero Scorcioni, took home a $30,000 prize for creating an app that uses brainwave readings to determine whether or not it is a good time to make or accept a phone call. We also had other winners who created awesome Windows Phone apps. I’ll write a future post on a list of the winners, for now, lets see some pictures.


Welcome to Vegas developers!


Here I (in the blue Nokia shirt) explain how to better implement Telerik’s RadChart in Partha Choudbury’s app (he went on to win a Microsoft Surface, Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Premium Developer Program token and more!). Also in the picture, Paras Wadehra (Ambassador- Silicon Valley) and Randy Arnold (Ambassador Northern Texas).


Here, Chevon Christie (Nokia Ambassador – New York), lends a hand to a Windows Phone dev attendee


Chevon and George Salcedo (Nokia Ambassador – SanDiego) discuss important stuff 🙂


From left to right Greg Stoll (Ambassador – Southern Texas), Randy Arnold and Jan (pronounced ‘Yahn’) Hannemann (Ambassador – Vancouver) banging away at our Nokia Developer table.


George Salcedo and the hackathon’s #1 winner Ruggero at the Nokia 8-Bit afterparty.


Paras is such a ham… he always knows where the cameraman is. Want more proof, here ya go…


yep, I’d say that’s proof enough (Paras is a really funny guy).


George helping out an attendee


That’s me on the big screen during the developer summit keynote speeches 🙂


Jan at the Nokia booth in the main demonstration room


I am off-screen to the left, Rich Dunbar, Paras, George, Randy, Greg, Chevon and Jan


Nokia DVLUP 8-Bit after party at the top of the Palms


Coolest DJ table ever


The club ceiling had and amazing projection. Here’s a short video of it:

More to come!

(photo credit AT&T Developer facebook and video taken by me)