Get a loaner Windows Phone 8 device

Are you building a Windows Phone 8 app but don’t have a device to test your app on? Are you using the NFC or Bluetooth APIs and having a WP8 device would finalize your testing? There are 3 ways to get a device: Earn one with your rewards points, Trade up your current phone for a new one, or get a loaner device.

This post is about the third option, I can line you up with a loaner device from Nokia. Take the following steps (if you are already a DVLUP member, skip to step 2) and let’s get your app to market!

Step 1- We need to sign you up for (a free, developer rewards program for Windows Phone devs).  Send me an email with the following information and I will give you a special invite code to join.

  • First / Last name
  • Your Windows Phone Publisher Name (if you have one)
  • A screenname you’d like for your Dvlup profile
  • Email address (your live ID if possible )
  • Where are you located (State, Country) DVLUP is currently only available to US and Canadian developers

Send the email to and I’ll walk you through the steps

Step 2- Go to this link and follow the instructions.

That’s it. Period. Nokia wants you to have everything you need to bring your app to the masses. Now, you have no excuses for not getting your app out the door 🙂

3 thoughts on “Get a loaner Windows Phone 8 device

  1. Evans Mwendwa says:

    Why is it that this kinds of support only get available to us and canada where developers can actually afford these devices. This support should also be availed to those who need it most. i.e Africa, South America and Middle East.


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